symbolises warmth and modesty

The Pheran, deeply rooted in Kashmir's history, reflects the region's socio-cultural evolution. Initially a simple garment designed for warmth in Kashmir's harsh winters, its form and function have varied across periods, embodying the changing dynamics of Kashmiri society.

The Pheran has witnessed transformations from a basic necessity to a canvas for showcasing intricate handwork like Tilla embroidery, symbolising status and craftsmanship.

Today, this garment stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of Kashmiri culture, maintaining its relevance and appeal through centuries of change.



reimagines the Pheran to create a bridge between the past and present.

Made by Kashmir

and its people, this collection is an warm embrace of history, crafted to add beauty and calmness to your life.

In the heart of Kashmir,

under serene skies,

Pherans whisper tales of old, where calmness lies.

Hand-stitched threads, in modern guise, retell,

The stories of Zoon, where tradition and serenity dwell.

-Isbandh for Zoon

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