Tilla Dozi
weaves stories in gold and silver

Rooted deeply in the rich tapestry of Kashmir's cultural heritage, Tilla Dozi is an ancient representation of the region's artistic legacy. The craft challenges the most ardent of hand embroidery artists, owing to its complex weaving patterns.

The meticulous process of weaving gold and silver threads into fabric showcases not just the artisans' unparalleled skill but also their devotion to crafting a narrative inspired by their land.

Through Tilla Dozi, each garment serves as a bridge between the past and present, and tells a story of beauty, intricacy, and the enduring spirit of Kashmir's craftsmanship.



inspired by the meticulous and ancient craft of Tilla Dozi to bring you a collection crafted for modern needs.

Made by Kashmir

and its people, this collection is a result of their devotion to preserving the Tilla Dozi art form

At the end of our journey,

as the needle finds its rest,

We marvel at the beauty, in every stitch, every crest.

For Zeba is not just a wear, but a story, bold and new,

A testament to what hands can create, with threads, love, and dew.

-Isbandh for Zeba

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