Hand Embroidery

At the core of Rafaqat lies the intricate dance of hand embroidery techniques, each with its own history and cultural significance. This collection is a homage to the ancient tradition of combining diverse embroidery styles, a practice that mirrors the essence of companionshipβ€”varied threads coming together to create something beautiful.

By blending techniques like Kashmiri Tilla embroidery and hand adda work, Rafaqat embodies the harmony of relationships, where different elements unite to give the garments their unique character and feel. It's a celebration of artistry and unity, inviting you to explore the depth of connections through the lens of exquisite craftsmanship.



combines multiple embroidery techniques and celebrates the bonds that unite us.

Made by Kashmir

and its people, this collection is stitched by hands of generational knowledge.

From the heart of Kashmir,

where friendships are stitched,

Techniques blend as fabrics are enriched.

Tilla's glow and adda's grace, together they find place,

In the tapestry of life, a warm embrace.

Companionship in every stitch, a narrative spun,

Of techniques mingled under the same sun.

A fabric rich with history, in companionship dressed,

Where diverse threads in unity, beautifully rest.

-Isbandh for Rafaqat

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