Aari Embroidery
captures time

With a history spanning over 600 years, the Aari embroidery has captivated the imagination of kings, queens and contemporary enthusiasts. Originating in Kashmir, this technique is performed with a special needle, which is a long, fine, hooked implement. The needle, or Aari, is used to create a loop stitch pattern to craft a level of detail that would be impossible with other techniques. Artisans have, therefore, used Aari to stitch motifs inspired by Kashmir, a place where endless details can be found as far as the eyes can see.



revives authentic handwoven Aari embroidery to add a new sensibility to your daily staples.

Made by Kashmir

and its people, this collection is a love song about the valley’s beauty

In Kashmir's embrace,

where mountains sing,

Aari whispers, a delicate crafting fling.

With each loop and hook, a story weaves,

Of lakes serene and autumn leaves.

In threads of gold, the tales are spun,

Of ancient lands, under the same sun.

A heritage rich, with every stitch,

Kashmir's beauty, in fabric richly pitched.

So with each motif, let it be known,

Aari's art, in Kashmir's heart, is sown.

A poetic dance of thread and dream,

Where tradition flows, in a timeless stream.

-Isbandh for Aagaz-e-Nau

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