Our Muse: Embracing Kashmiri Culture

Our unwavering inspiration stems from the rich tapestry of Kashmiri culture. With its intricate threads of traditions, artistry, and heritage, this culture weaves a mesmerising narrative that resonates with us deeply.

From the snow-capped mountains to the serene valleys, every corner of Kashmir is an embodiment of beauty. It's a place where art is not just a creation, but a way of life – a testament to the soulful craftsmanship that's nurtured for generations.

The colours, patterns, and motifs of our creations are intricately tied to the vibrant Kashmiri culture. The valley's poetry, its music, its warm hospitality – all these elements infuse our designs with a unique depth that speaks to the heart.

Just as the Dal Lake mirrors the changing skies, our creations reflect the kaleidoscope of emotions that our Kashmiri culture evokes. With every piece, we endeavour to honour and share the magic of our roots, to extend the reach of our culture beyond borders, and to remind ourselves of the beauty that lies in every thread of our heritage.


Through our creations, we aim to forge a connection between the past and the present, celebrating the culture's vibrancy and ensuring that its legacy thrives for generations to come.


Our inspiration, our muse, lies in the cradle of the Kashmiri culture. Just as a poet finds solace in the verses they create, we find solace in the intricate threads we weave. Each creation is a verse, each pattern a stanza, each design a chapter, all narrating the epic of our beloved Kashmiri culture. Through our work, we hope to share the magic, the beauty, and the essence of this culture with the world – a world that can find its own reflection in the mirror of Kashmir's soul.


Kashmir is Our Heartbeat.

Amidst the captivating landscapes of Kashmir, in the city of Srinagar, our daily operations and design teams thrive. Nestled within this enchanting region, we draw creative energy from its natural beauty and rich heritage.

Our workspace, a fusion of studio and showcase, echoes with the essence of our brand. The diverse tapestry of Kashmiri culture profoundly influences our identity, nurturing collaboration with local artisans and suppliers.

Just as the city is integral to our being, Kashmir resonates at the core of our inspiration, shaping every piece with a touch of its timeless charm.