Our Inspiration

Kashmiri culture and tradition is rich to fuel creativity.

Be it the crafts of Kashmir, the beauty of the landscape or even the sayings of our poets that have been a part of our syncretic β€˜Rishi-Sufi’ tradition, we don’t really need to go very far in search of inspiration. It is in us and all around us, luckily.


Isbandh, a Soulful Union

Used in every special occasion in Kashmir, be it a wedding, a happy festive gathering or a housewarming party, isbandh seeds are place on red hot charcoal in an 'Isbandh Soz' or Kangri, wherein they smoulder in flames with a faint popping noise, releasing a fragrant smoke, filling the ambience to ward off all the evil that might be. For us, it is the self-projection of the 'artists' in us, a creative space, where we amalgamate our interests of designing and storytelling.


Creative Harmony

'Belief' is where everything starts. Your roots, your core, what you truly stand for. For us it's the very foundation of who we are as a brand.

Sustainable Fashion

We don’t like to run races, literally and metaphorically speaking. We are here to have a cosy corner in your hearts and homes, where our art finds you and becomes a part of you. We want to re-create the simplicity and perennial charm of the bygone times in a world that is rushing into a meaningless void.

Empowering Local Artisans

The artisans of the valley are skilled enough to make their work known throughout the world, but here they are, struggling to make ends meet and their identities sinking into oblivion. Art runs like blood in their family lines and we join these skilled hands, to create a community which is integrated and empowered.

The Magic of Storytelling

We love stories, listening to them, weaving them and presenting them in ways that would make you fall in love with them. To us, they are strings of intimacy from our hearts to your hearts. We tell you some, you tell us some!


We are here to invoke nostalgia, revive abandoned art forms, twist them into something fresh yet timeless. We want people to pause, take a look into the mirror and devour the reminiscence woven in our designs.